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The perfect way to keep your wig from slipping throughout the day! This undectable velcro band creates a "snug" grip underneath your wigs and hairpieces to keep them secured in place. The transparent lace parting allows your lace closures and frontals to blend seamlessly!



Wig Grip

$27.99 Regular Price
$19.59Sale Price
  • Wearing Instructions: If you have long hair, put it in a ponytail first. 1. Detach velcro and spread the band out. 2. Holding the band in both hands, place the band slightly below your hairline. 3. Close the velcro at the nape of your neck. 4. Slowly slide the band back to the edge of your hairline. (It should be tough to move.) 5. Untuck your ears, if you choose. 6. Grab your wig or scarf and put on as you would normally do. 7. Be sure your wig is back at your hairline and you are ready to go! 8. Enjoy the comfort and secure feeling.


    Washing Instructions: We recommend hand washing your Wig Grip Band in cool water, with a mild detergent. Rinse thoroughly, roll Band into a towel for a few moments to absorb excess water, then lay flat to dry. Attention: *To prevent your Wig Grip Band from stretching out, wear it snug, but not tight. Do not stretch the band out when securing it around your head. *Ultimately, after 6-12 months of wearing the band every day, the material will stretch out and it may be time to purchase a new one. Many clients purchase a few at a time and rotate them. *You can wear our Wig Grip Band whether you have hair or not. It can be worn under regular wigs, lace front wigs, as well as any other head coverings.